Don't just act with good intentions, also act with informed decisions!

Nominated for Best Consultant on's "Best of 2018"

The Frontline Consulting Mission

Our mission at FrontLine is to help the people and organizations
who are behind so many startup businesses.

Our team offers a unique expertise, with a proven track record, to develop and execute a process of success by default because your default is your process. Our aim is to provide you with pertinent knowledge to formulate a specific plan of execution because knowledge is wasted without execution.

Free Initial 30 Minute Introductory Meeting
custom designed programs for your specific goals


Startups need outside experts who can do the work, and provide training. That’s called leading by example, and it is actually appreciated by businesses of every size

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Our experienced consultants provide advice and support on issues ranging from startup and investment planning, to license acquisition and business operations.

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Whether written on the back of a napkin or a highly detailed 25-page document, a business plan is critical for startups seeking the fast route to profitability.

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